With so many outdoor and recreation associations to choose from, I am grateful WOMA found Foundation for Women Warriors. For years women have excelled in nontraditional sports and careers, defying societal norms. Regrettably, I imagine only a few stories have reached the masses over the years… WOMA is an innovator. WOMA has created an environment in which women gain a valuable network, the space to perfect their artistry whether marksmanship, archery, or fishing, and are afforded the opportunity to share their stories. Future generations of adventure seeking women can thank WOMA for its part in creating a woman’s narrative around adventure. It is no surprise that the members of WOMA would seek to understand the unique challenges our nation’s women veterans face and choose to support them in their transition. FFWW is honored to have the continued support of WOMA.

With gratitude,


Jodie M. Grenier
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Women Warriors