The WOMA has two membership classes:

(a) Active Members are those who have met the requirements in at least one category below.

(i) Media membership, to include the following:

(1) Newspaper staff writer/columnist/editor

(2) Still photographer

(3) Illustrator/cartoonist/artist

(4) Motion picture/videotape/audiotape producer/editor

(5) Broadcast communications

(6) Magazine staff member

(7) Freelance magazine writer and/or part-time magazine staffer

(8) Book author/editor

(9) Information employee of government or nonprofit agency – Employment as writer, photographer, illustrator, cartoonist, artist, film, video or audio producer, broadcast communicator, editor or lecturer for a government agency or nonprofit organization

(10) Internet communicator – production of outdoor-related materials for Internet distribution

(ii) Industry membership, to include the following:

(1) Educator/instructor – Teacher or other educator whose subject matter includes nature, conservation or outdoor recreation subjects

(2) Professional – in hunting, fishing, archery or shooting sports fields

(3) Employee of outdoor-related industry, agency, etc. – producing material for media use for an outdoor-related manufacturer or service

(4) Lecturer

(5) Internet communicator – production of outdoor-related materials for Internet distribution

Ambassador Members are those who have not necessarily met the requirements for the membership categories, but who support the purposes of The WOMA. Ambassadors must be proposed by an Active Member in good standing. Ambassador Memberships are limited to a term of one year from date of acceptance and renewable for additional one-year terms at the sole discretion of the Board and upon submission of an application for renewal. Ambassador Members shall be eligible for discounted annual membership fees and dues to be fixed by the Board. Those eligible for acceptance as Ambassador Members include:

(i) Students enrolled in educational institutions

(ii) Active-duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces in good standing, to include cadets at the four U.S. Armed Forces Academies (Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard)

Please submit your application and personal information online. Please add to your accepted e-mail addresses to ensure that the confirmation e-mail is not intercepted by your spam filter.